Pit Bull Is Excited When Baby Gives Her A MilkBone

peanutbutterpibble Published August 11, 2014 1,023 Plays $177.21 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThese two are adorable! This baby loves to give Gemma a MilkBone, so cute! Gemma even has a MilkBone Ritual! First, she has to dance around the MilkBone, then she pushes it across the floor with her muzzle. After, she lets the baby play with the MilkBone until her mom gives it back. Such a patient dog! How cute is it that she lets the baby play with it? Once Gemma has the MilkBone back in her possession, she takes it back to a cozy place and leaves crumbs everywhere. Of course, mom sweeps up the crumbs after. Someones got to clean the mess!

Pit Bulls are very gentle and friendly dogs. They are incredibly friendly with kids, as you can see from this video. All Gemma wants to do is play around with the baby, so adorable! These two are already the best of friends! Their friendship is only going to grow stronger from here. Pit bulls also have a lot of energy and need as much exercise as possible! No wonder Gemma dances around her MilkBone first! So funny! If you need someone to keep you company, a pit bull is always a great choice!

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