Parents Trick Kid Into Standing On Log Ride Bridge, His Reaction Is Too Funny

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Published: August 7, 2014

Parents are the best we all love them dearly, but given how they know us better than we know ourselves, they can be the worst tricksters in the universe. Every parents will agree to this, along with their kids.

We have all suffered a prank or two from our own parents and at the time it wasn’t funny at all, but today we all laugh at it with a slight cringe on our faces. Who wants to remember those embarrassing moments anyway?

One such trickster couple of parents managed to convince their son into standing on a bridge above a log ride, right in the splash zone. It is one of those rides where you get to pass through water, where you will get soaking wet and laugh it off, but these kids didn’t think it was all that funny.

So the dad is there with the kids, telling them all to watch carefully as the long descends down the hill. But as the ride starts, the dad cleverly runs away, knowing what’s coming, leaving the kids screaming in shock. Each kid got soaked to the bone, leaving them confused and confusion leads to tears.

“Isn’t that fun?" asks the dad, to which the boy says what is on his little head. “NO!" Aw, come on buddy, you’ll laugh at this some day. We hope...

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  • 3 rumbles
    nina_mistuki · 1 year ago

    Epic! :D

  • 4 rumbles
    nyITguy · 43 weeks ago

    Life lesson #1: pay attention! When your dad runs, you run.

  • 2 rumbles
    Ingrid · 10 weeks ago

    not funny

  • 1 rumble
    catmommy · 10 weeks ago

    Poor baby! That was a mean trick! :-(