Baby Raccoon Cools Down Using Backyard Water Bowl

Published August 7, 2014 170,883 Plays $595.86 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsAn adorable baby raccoon takes full advantage of this backyard water bowl and decides to cool down, wash up, and enjoy a refreshing drink! The bowl was placed outside to help keep the raccoon family hydrated during these hot summer days, and this cute rascal knew how to make the most of it! Enjoy!

Hilarious footage captures the adorable moment when a clever raccoon uses the backyard water bowl to wash its hands. Watch as the little rascal reaches into the water bucket and washes its hands off. Cuteness overload!

It is adorable how this raccoon loves to spend his time around water, splashing its times in the bucket full of water, much to our amusement. However, it seems like it doesn't like to get wet, but rather to only submerge its hands and then sip water out of them. Adorable! It seems like the rascal is really enjoying the tingling sensation of touching liquid! Hilarious!

Raccoons are usually well-known for sneaking up and stealing food every time they have the occasion, but they also have a tendency to wash their food before they are about to eat it, just like humans. In this funny clip, we witness the adorable moment when a sophisticated raccoon washes off its hands in a backyard water bowl, much to our surprise. Such high class!

Reportedly, water play not only reduces stress, but it also improves the raccoons' paw dexterity and develops their survival skills, which will serve them well once they are set free. Who knows, maybe this water obsession is healthy after all!