Gas Station Clerk Uses MMA Training To Foil Robbery

mayura Published August 5, 2014 353,843 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesWe see a gas station and a big parking lot and nothing happens for around a minute. The camera records the nearly empty parking lot and everything seems so peaceful, almost like a ghost town. After a while a Toyota car gets parked in front of the gas station and again total silence. Nothing stirs, nobody moves. Only the sun mystically reflects its light off the front of the car making us blink for a split second. Once the driver steps out of the car, all of a sudden we see this masked men with a silver jeep attack and hit fiercely the poor man faulty of nothing.

But good people still exist and not only good but real street fighters. They come to rescue their co-worker showing their fighting abilities. Mayura Dissanayake, a gas station clerk and a colleague of the attacked man, is an amateur MMA fighter and uses his training to prevent a group of men from robbing his co-worker outside of a Houston. Attacking the crooks with swift kicks to their sides and with both fists to their heads, they chase the attackers off the coworker. One of them manages to escape and run back into the jeep, while the other struggles for his life.

You never know when danger will show its ugly face. It lurks at all corners and it doesn't care if it's day or night. Gas stations are one of the places most frequently by robbers and this here is no exception. Thank God that there are still brave and just people watching our back.