Adorable baby elephant enjoying playtime

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      missvirgule ยท 7 weeks ago

      For info "Judging by the basic measures of comparative psychology, elephants do not show significant differences with other mammals such as great apes, including humans, or cetaceans: the discriminant learning, cooperation, ?? empathy, spontaneous use of tools ??, self-recognition, the theory ?? mind (I know you know I know) and other intellectual skills, seem broadly similar in all these highly social beings . The list is also not complete because many birds also have their place there. Because for the orcs, men and dolphins, an elephant n ?? 'is the other ?? ?? depending on whether it comes from a particular place or that ?? he lives in such a group: at home too, cultures and own personalities coexist within widely heterogeneous societies. They are killing, they are locked up, it moves, it draws up, it hits them, they are punished, they are tortured, without taking any account of that ?? they are whole people have, quite obviously , d ?? a wisdom that we lack. As with many animal species, it is now time to match with the Ethics of Science, and to grant these high quality thinking beings "legal subjects"." (translated by google)