Covid-19 Was A Mass Mind Control Operation: Pandemic Used To Inflict Psychological Terror On World

4 months ago

What do transgenderism, pedophilia, and Covid-19 have in common?
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is here to talk about the mental terrorism inflicted on the world during the Covid pandemic.
According to Dr. Fuellmich’s findings, Covid was all fake.
It was an act of psychological terrorism acting as a pilot program for mass mind-control.
In effect, the purpose of all of it was to dumb down the population, making them more reliant on powerful institutions and more suggestible to extreme ideas.
One of the ultimate goals is also depopulation.
For some strange reason the global elites responsible for this mind control also want humanity to consent.
They want us to choose to put things in our body that are harmful and ultimately lead to death.
This mind control is more effective in the western world than in Africa.
The excess mortality rates from the bioweapon injections are high in developed countries.
The masses bought into the fear tactics and brainwashing and voluntarily injected themselves with deadly poison.
Most of our leaders and those in positions of power are actually psychopaths.
However, these leaders couldn’t have risen to power if the masses didn’t play along.
This is because the general public has been dumbed down due to the collapse of our education system.
We have been taught to follow orders and not think for ourselves.
There are a lot of people who are highly educated but also very stupid.
Cowardice fuels the stupidity of the general public.
Those who have perpetuated these crimes against humanity must be held accountable at Nuremberg 2.0.
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