Baby Foxes Have A Most Exciting Chasing Game In A Backyard

kennethphotographyPublished: August 1, 2014216,265 views
Published: August 1, 2014

Four frisky baby gray foxes are running excitedly around the backyard when their family decided to move into this homeowner's garden. These baby foxes are very much creatures of the night and they show their careless game when the sun goes down. They are indeed incredibly gregarious.

The spectacular chasing game they display can be only accomplished because of their sharp minds which are always active and although we see that they never intend to harm each other, they still have reputation for being sly and manipulative. But when they get angry, as the two at the end of the video, it is best to leave them alone.

Through their passionate and creative game, these baby <a href="" target="_blank">foxes</a> try to outsmart each other exhibiting competitiveness and ambition by running freely through the garden and showing that neither one of them can be tamed. They are born to be wild and if one of them tries to catch the other, they masterfully avoid the catch.

Their jolly and leisurely game shows that they demand quality in entertainment and <a href="" target="_blank">friends</a>. Look at their cute muzzles how they sniff around only to prove their love for exploration mixed with enjoyment in overcoming challenges.

Another great excitement in these foxes’ lives is their free-climbing habit – they routinely climb trees and as shown here they escape danger by running up the trunk of a sturdy tree and navigating the overhanging branches.

Besides the chasing game, two of them make forbidden trips to the window of the house constantly smelling something that makes them go back again and again. We wouldn’t know what smells so appalling but it is still really funny to watch them play.

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