Killer Bear Shows Unbelievable Compassion, Saves Life Of Drowning Bird

rumblestaff Published August 1, 2014 41,831 Plays

Rumble / Heroic AnimalsMany people consider wild animals to be unpredictable and scary, but we are often proven wrong when these kinds of things happen. A hero bear goes into action and saves a drowning crow in this heartwarming rescue at the Budapest Zoo in Hungary. The natural predator can be seen lounging inside his enclosure snacking on apples and carrots when he hears a cry for help. After noticing the bird in danger, the bear reaches into the water, lifts it by its wing, and drops the crow safely on the ground. The spectators watch in awe as the bear then carries on munching on his vegetable snacks, leaving the bird to catch its breath and fly away.

Altruism between such distantly-related species is not uncommon. One might think that the bear was actually excited to find something other than carrots and apples in his enclosure, but that is clearly not the case, as the ursine calmly goes back to nom on an apple, after dropping the bird on dry land. The funny thing is that people often forget that all of the animals, including humans, are made of the same cloth. We tend to be grumpy when we’re hungry and we lash out on others, similar to what bears do out in the wild. Surely, if the bear wanted to chew on something meatier, he would have ended that poor crow’s life the minute he caught it in the water.

Although as of lately zoos get a bad reputation for keeping animals away from their natural habitat and keeping them under locks, their main goal is to educate people on the billions of different species living in the most remote places on Earth, threatened by extinction by global warming or by the human hand, and luckily, every once in a while, they teach us that we may come in different forms, but we are all alike.

Credit to Aleksander Medves.


  • Pikkukissa, 2 years ago

    He was so matter of fact about it. Humans have always believed that animals were void of compassion toward anything outside their species. Love that bear. Too bad he has to live in a zoo.

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  • bumblee20, 2 years ago

    Just look at that bear, and kindness it showed the bird, who said animals have no feelings, Think again, birds have feelings also.

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  • Bronco4x3, 2 years ago

    That pretty cool! After pulling the crow out the bear didn't even care about it. Kinda like "there, you're safe. Now shut up. I'm trying to eat".

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