This Little Dog Is Afraid Of The Big Feather

Published July 31, 2014 218,512 Views $75.26 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPeople and dogs are often perfect companions for one another. Dogs can be sweet and intelligent, and they can provide mental, physical, and emotional support for people. However, despite how amazing dogs are, we must not forget that they are animals with their own free will and emotions and their own ways of reacting to certain situations. Each dog comes with their own set of silly quirks that can turn them into the biggest baby about the strangest things. Vacuum and thunder are usually at the top of the list of things that terrify dogs. But have you ever heard a dog to be scared of a feather?

Ambrosius is a dog who is not scared easily, but somehow he senses something strange about this feather! He is actually scared from the big feather and he is not ashamed to show that! You’ve never seen a more frightened little face! He doesn’t quite like the energy he is getting from it! It’s so funny to watch as the little guy confronts the unknown object cautiously. And did you notice that the cat didn’t care at all? This video makes us laugh and breaks our hearts at the same time!

We don’t want to watch our little buddies to be scared, so If you ever have a situation like this, sooth your dog by providing a favorite treat or toy while talking calmly and petting him. Lead him back to his a place of safety and allow him to lie down.