Instructional Video Showing All The Ways To Be A Bad Parent

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Published: July 31, 2014

This video will definitely make you laugh in your seat! This father provides us with some hilarious pointers on how to be the worst parent you can be. Of course, this is certainly not how you should act with your kids, but it makes a pretty hilarious video! There is no better way to show how to be the worst parent you can be then tying your kids up in chairs so you can go out and have some fun, too funny! If your kid can't fall asleep, it's no problem at all! Just throw multiple sleeping pills into their drink...yikes!

It is also a lot easier to clean the house when you are not the one doing it. Just ask your kids to get on the highest shelves and dust the cabinets for you! If your kids are fighting with each other, don't stop them, encourage them to keep fighting, just give them oven mitts so they don't hurt each other too much! This video is definitely entertaining. Hopefully all parents are the complete opposite of this video!

Check out this hilarious instructional video on how to be a bad parent.

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