Instructional Video Showing All The Ways To Be A Bad Parent

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Published: July 31, 2014

If you are in need of a good laugh, this video will surely do the trick. This parent had a great idea to make a funny video describing the best way to be a bad parent. Hopefully, nobody actually needs this advice, however this is a great video of everything you should not do! Definitely do not follow any of these tips in this video, this is not the correct way to be a parent! With all that said, you will definitely have a couple of laughs watching this video, especially if you are a parent or have history dealing with children! Take a look at some of the hilarious tips this dad comes up with!

If some parents out there have multiple children, then they know how popular sibling bickering is. All day non stop arguing over the most miniscule things, and it can range from toys, television, pushing, etc. Most parents might resort to timeout or separating the two, but this bad dad has something else in mind. His idea to stop all the fighting is for them to have a duel! The winner wins the battle and gets to win the argument. The father gives them oven mitts as their boxing gloves and lets them have a go!

How many times did you want to go out at night or maybe just had to run errands but finding a babysitter is so hard. This is definitely a big problem because not everyone wants the pressure of taking care of children for hours on end. You never know what might happen, this is a big reason why it can be hard to find a babysitter. This father has a clever idea for finding a babysitter! The main problem with leaving kids home alone is being afraid they might be messing around and get hurt or get in trouble. Well with this dad’s idea, they can’t get hurt if they are strapped to a chair the entire time! They won’t be getting into too much trouble this way!

This dad has many more ways to show you how to be a bad parent. When it comes to cleaning, it is hard to dust those high up cabinets, well good thing you have a small child that can sit on the cabinets and clean them for you. They are so small and able to fit in narrow places, they are the perfect cleaning helpers. If you want some alone time to watch TV, most parents would think about waiting until their child is asleep or napping, but this father has other plans! Just look at the kid outside while you finish your movie, it isn’t too much long!

All in all, this is a very funny clip and you can tell the father and his children definitely had fun filming this. This video will surely bring you laughs and maybe even have you reminiscing on the times when your parents hopefully never acted like the dad in this video. Do not take any of the advice in this video since this should be an instructional video only of what not to do ever with your child!

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