Corgi Puppy Conquers Stairs For First Time

Published July 30, 2014 1,410,210 Views

Corgi puppies have been around for more than 3.000 years. They are affectionate and they just love to be around the family, involved with the everyday life. They are very attached to their owner and follow them wherever they go. One of the main goals in their little doggy lives is to please their owners, they just live and breathe for that. And this is a great thing since it makes them willing to learn and easy to train.

Loyal to the expectations of its lady owner is this fluffy puppy. With its white and brown fur, perky years and long body, this adorable puppy has a lot to think about. Should I stay or should I go? He looks up and down trying to figure out another way round the stairs. Oops – going back up the stairs is not a great option since it looks like he has to conquer the highest mountain top in the world. The safest way is to just pop down the stairs and straight into its owner’s arms.

Well, it sounds challenging, doesn’t it? It is, but oftentimes the only way out is through, so this irresistible puppy will bravely climb down in no time. He is ready to stumble with his short stubby legs just like in the best animated movie for children. The puppy with his jerky movements and baby steps back and forth finally leaves the first stair behind him. What a success. Let’s not forget about the tender sound of the voice of its owner that is always encouraging him.

One ‘come on chicken’ from the owner does wonders for this highly-energetic puppy. And the final jump comes with a drift. But as they say ‘It is all well that ends well’ and for this emotion-filled puppy everything ends smoothly at the end. With his wiggly body and stout legs he must be rewarded for the try, don’t you think?

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