Adorable Baby Smiles For The Very First Time

Published July 30, 2014 876 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsSeeing a baby smile at you is literally the best thing ever! Most babies treat their parents with a smile between 6 and 8 weeks old. Your baby wants to communicate with you and grinning is a way babies express their feelings the best!

Babies make <a href="" target="_blank">facial expressions</a> even when they’re in the womb and there are many ultrasound images that prove that. However, when the baby is born it usually explores things around with his eyes and looks at you intently. It is their eyes mainly that make them look so cute and when they are few months old they smile at almost everyone they see. The wonderful thing about babies’ smiles is that big or small, they are invariably genuine. Just take a look at this adorable tot in the video.

The gentle father holds his little baby in his arms and softly <a href="" target="_blank">cuddles</a> him, while the mom is recording them both. As the baby enjoys his first class treatment, he smiles a few times. Drake, the baby is only 22-days-old and he already got positive vibes about life. The view is simply adorable and we bet that the parents were so excited to witness this one of a kind situation. They should be happy because their sweet smiling baby has warmed so many hearts around the world.

Watch this rarely precious moment that will cheer you up right now! The 22-day-old baby Drake is caught on camera smiling for the very first time. It's definitely contagious, check it out!


  • snowdiva, 3 years ago

    so cute and innocent.....the face of God.....

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