Dad's Attempt At Lip Reading His Toddler Daughter Is Hilarious

epoddlePublished: July 30, 2014Updated: August 22, 2014468,577 views
Published: July 30, 2014Updated: August 22, 2014

Ever wondered what dads do when left alone at home with the kids? There have been dance offs, puppet parties and other delightful activities that dads find particularly entertaining. The kids, not so much. But what happens when you have a super creative dad that knows how to handle the video editing software? You get a bad lip reading video!

Eric Poddle is a super successful YouTuber from Boise, Idaho with three kiddos of his own. Being the crazy creative dad that he is, he attempted to have a meaningful conversation with his daughter Berry, but with a twist. He recorded everything she said, turned the volume down and did a voice over of the things you think she is saying, by the way she moves her mouth. The result - a terrible, horrible bad lip reading that should be kept in the family archives for postery only! Still, it is not a bad idea to give it a quick look.

The stuff she ‘says’ are pretty nonsensical, as you might imagine. A “magic juice” is the secret for her being so young? Come on! It is clearly genes! Not to mention the ridiculous notion of “melting a cat” for the purpose of eternal youth, pft. The rest are bit awkward to write out loud, so we will just let you watch the rest of the clip. It does get funnier, we promise!

Credit to 'epoddle'.

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