Pit Bull Gives Adorable Baby A Laugh Attack

Published July 29, 2014 2,746,882 Views $82.49 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsWhat do you think of when you see a big, strong canine interacting with a fragile baby? Is your first instinct to get them two as far away from each other as possible? Or do you think that it is totally fine because no harm would come to either of them?

Oftentimes, pit bulls and babies is a subject that is frowned upon by many people that aren't really familiar with the breed. They are under the impression that bullies are one of the most vicious breeds of dogs that roam the Earth and whenever they are put near a baby it’s an inevitable disaster. It has caused a lot of controversy over the past few years, but this adorable duo is a real myth buster!

You have to see the cutest interaction between a loving pit bull and her favorite tiny human. The way that she carefully licks him and kisses him shows that she loves him very much and is also very protective of him,. She will be his guard even when he grows up! The love these two have for one another is insurmountable and no matter what the sceptics say, there is nothing wrong with them being together. Baby Elliott just can't stop laughing while getting a bath from Gemma the pit bull. His reaction will definitely bring a smile to your face, check it out!

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