Five-Year-Old Boy Tries To Have Conversation With Siri

Published July 25, 2014 15,842 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdWith technology advancing each and everyday, it is only fitting that certain aspects of our lives begin to shift more and more into the realm of tech. Before you know it, people will be living longer, cars will become fully electric, and kids will be on their phones and tablets all the time. Actually, this last one is already a reality! Ever imagined what it would sound like for a 5 year old to have a conversation with Siri? Watch as this little boy gets frustrated with Siri because she can’t understand what he is saying!

The little boy addresses Siri “Siri, have you seen the bouncy ball of mine with stars on it and unicorns? To which Siri replies “I don’t understand, Siri have you seen the bouncy ball of mind with star sonny and unicorns”. Disappointed that he had a misunderstanding with Siri, the boy puts the phone down in discontent.

Later, the boy tries again, “Siri, do you know anything about Star Wars” to which Siri replies “I fine question, now can we get back to work? To which the annoyed boy says “No!” He reads out loud “No or yes, your answer is no” and Siri says “Ok, maybe not!”.

The toddler continues asking about Star Wars Legos and argues with Siri that she doesn’t give him a decent answer, saying that her response doesn’t make any sense. Siri leaves the toddler confused when he asks her to make his lunch, claiming that the phone he is using is a super phone, to which Siri replies “Not as such” leaving the five-year-old puzzled and confused. What was she trying to say buddy? “I am crushed into toast, you are being mean”, says the disappointed boy.

This little boy just learned about Siri on the iPhone and tries his best to hold a conversation with "her" for the first time. The only problem? "She's" having some trouble understanding him! Artificial intelligence has become more and more advanced, you don't need to type things out for it to understand you anymore. You can do almost anything with the power of your voice. Now that's awesome!

Credit to 'epoddle'.