Ballerina performs underwater dance routine

Published July 25, 2014 25 Plays

Rumble / Unusual TalentsWhat a beautiful video this is. Juliana Payson is able to show off the art of dance beautifully as she does an underwater ballet routine in a 7-foot deep pool. She makes this looks so much easier than it actually is. How is she so graceful underwater? In this underwater routine, she is wearing her favourite swimsuit by Realise, a PU laminated (not PVC) fabric. This whole video was filmed on her iPhone 5c. It is incredible to see she is able to stay in the same depth of the pool the whole time, that takes a lot of strength. It is already hard enough to keep your eyes open underwater, let alone stay in the same area of the pool.

This must take a lot of practise, hard work and determination. You can tell she has such a strong passion for the art of dance which is very nice to see. The dance moves she completes are not easy either, they are already hard enough on dry land, let alone underwater!

Juliana performed this with her favourite swimsuit on, why not go check out some swimsuits for yourself as well! You might even find your favourite one!