The Most Dazzling Make Up Tutorial By A 2-Year Old

epoddle Published July 23, 2014 408 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsBeauty is power, and make up is something that enhance that. Make up is art. Make up is passion and expression. Girls don’t wear make up to look pretty, they wear it because they enjoy the process of putting it on. Make up tutorials have become extremely popular these days, but it’s not often you see toddlers leading these virtual demonstrations. This 2-year old adorable make up artist in a process is still learning how to talk but she knows everything when it comes to make up. Learn some helpful advice from this beauty as she is teaching how to make those eyes pop during the hot summer days. How adorable is she?

Welcome to Berry’s beauty beatdown! If you didn’t know how to put eyeshadow or a blush and still have a natural look you are on the right place! Sit down and watch this incredible advice. First step is to put some beautiful color on those eyes, then give those cheeks some natural red look with some coral color blush because she says it’s perfect for the summer. Simple, right? Last but not least step is putting lipstick. And her advice on lipstick? The more the better! There, you are ready for play dates now.

"There’s a make up!" We hope you learned but also had fun with this witty and beautiful toddler as we did. May your day be flawless as your make up!