Guy Extinguishes 9 Candles With A Single Punch

Published July 23, 2014 4,697 Plays

Rumble / Unusual TalentsThere have been loads of silly challenges of all sorts of calibers - the Ice Bucket challenge (which turned out to be not so silly, since A.L.S. managed to raise over $115 million), then the cinnamon challenge (very dangerous, do not attempt!), then all those tiny challenges that have rarely been mentioned in media, unless something gruesome came out of them.

One musician took on a Khan challenge, if you will, when he saw the “fastest boxer in the world" Amir Khan extinguish the flames off eight candles with one punch. Khan is known for his “lightning-quick hands, which have left even the most able opponents reeling". He used his abilities for a promotional shoot for boxing equipment manufacturers RDX at Victoria Baths in Manchester and shows him extinguishing the lit candles with one swing of his hand.

With the eight candles lined up, Amir puts his RDX gloves on, takes up his position, focuses and delivers a punch so fast, you’ll miss it even if you don’t blink. The flames all go down just as fast.

After watching the professional boxer extinguish the eight candles with a single punch, musician Adam Hoek decided to up the ante and attempted to extinguish 9 candles with a single blow. He lined up nine tea candles on a table, lights them up and without some fuss, he punches the air with his bare hand - no glove - sending a wave of air to put out all nine flames.

Doesn’t look like much of a Credit to Adam Hoek.