This Hailstorm Caught Beachgoers In Russia By Complete Surprise

9 years ago

This is the scary moment when beach-goers in Novosibirsk, Russia are forced to run for cover after a freak hailstorm hits the Siberian region following a reported 35-degree Fahrenheit drop in temperature on July 12th, 2014.

One sunbather captured the dramatic transition when weather dropped from 41 degree summer heat to a raging hail storm on camera. It is incredible how everything happens so fast, it is just a matter of minutes.

People can be heard screaming and running for cover underneath the beach umbrellas, while others chose to wait the storm out in the water. One brave individual even tried to shelter themselves with a beach towel, seriously underestimating the power of the hail storm.

Hail in the size of golf balls can be seen bouncing on the sand, with the heavy winds tearing leaves and branches from the nearby trees, making for a cataclysmic scenario. The storm caused severe panic among people on the beach.

Local media have reported that the storm caused the death of two three-year-old twins, when a tree collapsed on the tent there were in and another four-year-old child who was sharing the tent is also in the intensive care unit due to serious injuries caused by the bad weather.

Visitors were caught by surprise when a sudden storm swept in, dropping hail stones all over the beach. Watching hail stones falling from the sky, while debris from nearby trees gets blown into the sky makes an apocalyptic scenario. This sudden change of weather was unsuspecting for beachgoers, making panicked sunbathers simply try to figure out what to do to save their lives.

It's hard to tell from the video of anyone was seriously injured, but local media reported that the storm caused the deaths of two three-year-old twins when a tree collapses on their tent.

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