Pilot Executes An Incredibly Low Pass Flyby

FedericoPintoPublished: July 21, 2014265,939 views
Published: July 21, 2014

Pilot Cesar Falistocco, leader of the 'Escuadrilla Argentina de Acrobacia Aerea' flight demonstration team, pulls off an incredible low flyby straight over a camera. Check out this head on view!

A professor of mathematics by profession, Falistocco also holds several different aviation-related titles. He is a plane and glider instructor, commercial pilot first class, an aerobatic pilot, and an official flight test pilot, to name a few. In this particular event, he managed to sweep across the ground almost at grass level, leaving us in a column of dust. He came so close, we got the urge to duck as the plane got closer to the camera. Incredible!

It may look awesome, but just how safe is this maneuver? Low pass flybys are usually done by fighter jet pilots, to let the crew of maintainers see their hard work in action. That crew of hard working sailors toil around those birds of steel for up to 18 hours a day so that the pilot may fly safely. They never get to experience the might of the machine; they only see it catapulted off and then watch them trap on the carrier.

Maneuvers like low level flying are still taught in the Navy and marine Corps. It is both a valuable skill developer, as well as a practical tactic. When you fly at 500 feet with 300-400 knots speed, it is all fun and games, but as the speed increases or the altitude decreases, things can get messy.

Pilots on planes like this one don’t usually have that kind of issues, but it still require a lot of practise and a load of expertise to pull of.

Look up @Escuadrilla_Arg for more.

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