Cute Puppy Has Meltdown After Doorstop Encounter

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Published: July 17, 2014

Meet Peppa the puppy! She's about a month-and-a-half-old Pug French Bulldog cross. Little Peppa has some major issues with door-stops, she thinks they mock her! Check out her adorable reaction after encountering one at home.

She swirls, barks and has a full-on tantrum in front of the door, loudly protesting the existence of the door stop. Luckily her owner got it all on video so you too can enjoy this precious moment. And may we add, she a real proof that dogs are simply the best entertainers, don't you agree? Just look at the way this tiny pooch expresses her emotions! Even though she really seems displeased, we can't help but laugh out loud!

Now for some little background info regarding this adorable cross-breed: the Frenchie Pug is a breed developed by crossing the Pug and French Bulldog. These small-sized dogs have a mixed appearance inheriting the physical attributes of both their parents. Most of them are often seen to develop a pug-like wrinkly face especially on their forehead and the region between their eyes along with a short muzzle and snout. Their ears are mostly straight or upright as the French bulldog. They also take to their Pug parent in displaying a curled up tail. These even-tempered friendly dogs have also gained popularity in events of agility and guarding.

Puppies are a real blessing and awesome addition to any family, providing us with love, happiness and cute little moments that make us laugh and cherish us forever Dogs are the best, don't you agree?

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      Lindalee ยท 2 years ago

      Does this sweetie have no toys to play with and chew on? How sad. Good thing the doorstop plays with her. So cute.