Talented Artist Creates Detailed Space Painting In Minutes

leecartwright1981Published: July 16, 2014Updated: July 18, 201418,827 views
Published: July 16, 2014Updated: July 18, 2014

This video shows the process in which a street spray paint artist is finishing a painting from beginning to the end in an applaudable short time. Filmed in Cala Dor, Mallorca, Spain, the artist can be seen starting from a blank surface and methodically applying layers of spray paint. For executing the geometric shapes, this talented artist uses metal pieces, tin lids cans in various sizes which are to prevent the spray paint contact the surface that needs to remain lighter. In the end, he fixates the colors in a controlled flame. The video is less than 3 minutes long and the artist manages to finish his entire piece of art in considerably less! It is truly mind-blowing.

Aerography or airbrushing is a technique for applying artistic images to different surfaces with a liquid or powdery dye using compressed air. Drawings are applied using a special device, which is called an airbrush. The airbrush (in general it is a spray) provides a continuous stream of paint. The width of the jet is adjustable - so you can get rough strokes and smears thinner. After applying the paint, the pattern is allowed to dry and then covered with several layers of fixing varnish. This pattern becomes indelible.

Aerography or spray painting is used professionally, as a business, for painting on cars, also the drawing of mobile phones, refrigerators, computers, skateboards, nails in cosmetic salons etc. The common denominator in the given examples is that aerography becomes an important branch of the modern arts that is applied everywhere. It is a vibrant new trend in painting that attracts artists all over the world.

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