How To Plant Vertical Strawberry Planter

AWorld4ChangePublished: July 11, 20147 views
Published: July 11, 2014

Quick artistic video on How To Plant a Vertical Strawberry Planter

It's really quite simple.
1. Clean Out the Planter (you can use any type of planter/pot) that has holes in the side, it doesn't have to be terracotta. You could use a 5 gallon bucket and cut round holes all over it for the strawberries to grow out of.
2. Mix your potting mix. You can use any type of potting mix that you like. If you don't know what you should use, ask me in the comments below.
3. Fill the pot. Be sure to firmly tamp the soil down as your fill it up. This will aid in moisture wicking evenly throughout the pot and prevent excessive settling.
4. Plant Strawberries. When planting strawberries, make sure you put the "crown (shown in video)" of the plant at the dirt level or slightly higher.
5. Fill In The Remaining Dirt, then Water. I like to fill it up with dirt, then soak the pot with water a few times till it's a little over saturated (first time only) and water is dripping out of the bottom. This way I can assure thorough and even moisture concentration, not to mention that pots with holes in the side of them dry out quicker than a pot without holes.
6. Top off with self watering bottle. Use any long neck glass bottle, fill with water, and place upside down in the top of the Vertical Strawberry Planter. I find that this pot will drink this bottle 2 times per day, so you may want to consider the largest bottle you can fit in your planter.
These Strawberry Plants were given to me from one of my YouTube Subscribers who lives local to my general area. I want to personally thank her for the contribution, here is how to connect with her.

I hope this helped give you some ideas and direction for planting a Vertical Strawberry Planter. Overall it's super easy and a great project for first time/beginning gardeners as well as getting the kids involved and interested in Gardening.

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