Lazy Corgi Has A Unique Technique To Avoid Going Outside

9 years ago

While most dogs jump at the chance to go for a nice walk around the block, this pup prefers to laze around the house and hang out with his favorite humans instead! No matter how much his human prompts him to go outside, he will not budge one bit! Watch the adorable strategy this lazy dog has mastered to show owner that he wants to stay at home instead!

Usually when you say outside to a dog, they instantly go crazy. Some will run around in circles, others will fetch their leashes, and there ears will perk up just to the thought of it. However, not this dog. Watch what Jasper the Corgi does when his owner brings up the idea of "going outside". Adorable!

As soon as his owner mentions the word "outside" you can see a certain look of apathy wash over Jasper’s face. The hilarious part comes next, when owner approaches the dog and tries to put the leash onto his collar. In a split second, Jasper rolls over to hide his collar, lying on the side of his body, raising his four paws up in the aid. With this cute maneuver he clearly shows that he will not be moved. How adorable!

Unlike Jasper, we have seen thousands of videos of dogs who will do anything to stay outside and prolong their walk. Some are so desperate to stay outside, that they would play dead and drop heavy on the ground, refusing to move a muscle, throwing some serious temper tantrum behavior in public, leaving owners no other choice but to drag them home. The real drama is here!

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