Two Charging Elephants Go In Attack Mode On A Safari Vehicle

LatestSightings Published July 10, 2014 107,060 Plays

Rumble / Wild WildlifeA disturbing video has emerged of two elephant attacking a tour vehicle in the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa. Footage opens with a safari vehicle driving in the part, when a group of elephants emerge from a near bush and start walking towards the vehicle.

Moments later, two angry-looking elephants start charging towards the vehicle, stomping their heavy feet on the ground, going attack-mode on the unsuspected travelers.

Luckily, the man driving the vehicle, was obviously a trained professional and knew how to act in such unfavorable situations so he immediately started smacking his hand on the front of the vehicle, shouting out his lungs! Surprisingly, shortly after, the two angry animals were somehow intimidated by the noise this man was producing and stopped their attack!

Watch the chaos unfold as the angry elephants start charging towards the safari vehicle in Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa, determined to attack, obviously disturbed by the visitors intruding in their territory.

The driver of the vehicle appears to have recklessly followed the irritated animals and somehow provoked the elephants to start charging at the ‘intruders’. Not only are these elephants angry, but they seem to be very violent too. Remember that elephants are unpredictable and you should always keep your engines running for just in case!

A movie can be directed based on this safari encounter, both experienced by the awe of these beautiful, strong animals, and tourists’ urge to change their pants after the unexpected turn of events.

Video sent in by: Lyle. Check out @LatestKruger for more!