Parrot attempts to befriend cautious kitten

ogivanaPublished: July 6, 2014Updated: May 29, 20171,408,506 views
Published: July 6, 2014Updated: May 29, 2017

Young kittens are usually very cautious of their surroundings and potential friends, and that explains the cute reaction of the kitty in this video

This precious little curious parrot really wants to make this kitty his new best friend! When he first notices him, he's making an adorable expression, as he's trying to say “Let's play together".

And then, he starts chasing him around the yard, letting him know that he want to make him his best buddy! Do you think he's doing a good job? By the way, have you ever seen a parrot getting any close to a cat? Does this look scary to you? We're out of comments!

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      einsteinparrot · 30 weeks ago

      The parrot is curious, the kitten is exhibiting natural predator instincts. Please use extreme caution when uniting a predator animal (cat) and a prey animal bird together. Even a minor bite or a scratch from a cat can lead to a deadly infection for the parrot. More info here -

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      missvirgule · 29 weeks ago

      NOT COOL to let this poor baby HIT BLUNTLY the little bird !