Curious Parrot Desperately Attempts To Befriend Cautious Kitten

Published July 6, 2014 1,448,673 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsYoung kittens are usually very cautious of their surroundings and potential friends, and that explains the cute reaction this kitty had upon meeting a parrot.

Unlike the cautious kitten, the curious parrot really wants to make a new best friend out of this scared kitten! Footage shows their first encounter and it is seriously inviting. When the parrot first notices the kitten, he is desperately trying to get his attention as if he is saying “Let's play together" to the little kitty.

Moments later, the parrot must have outstayed his welcome and got too close to kitty’s private territory, so it was in kitty’s natural instinct to defend itself. Watch as the scared kitty raises its front paw and starts swinging it against the parrot, trying to slap it on the face.

The friendly parrot doesn’t mind cat’s hostility and regards it like an invite to play, so he continues chasing him around the yard, trying to befriend him and become the best of buddies! Do you think he's doing a good job or he is too aggressive?

We have all heard of Sylvester and Tweety but there are many people in this world who still believe that cats and birds do not get along and simply aren’t meant to be friends. That is because one species is considered to be a predator and the other one is considered to be a prey.

It is adorable to see that the friendly parrot is desperate for attention and is continuously trying to befriend the little kitten. However, the little guy is really unsure of the situation and refuses to let his guard down. Cuteness overload!

Have you ever seen a parrot getting this close to a cat? He must really like the little kitty!

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