Talented Street Performer Plays The Guitar With His Feet

Published July 4, 2014 2,094 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleThis is the inspiring story of a man who entertains onlookers by playing the guitar only with his feet. Watch as Mark Goffeney puts on some incredible street performance, flaunting his incredible talents!

This is pretty incredible, a man learned how to play the guitar with only his feet! Not only does he pull off an amazing street performance with his guitar and feet, but he also has a wonderful voice as well. This is what we call a talented musician! It's something different and unique that you don't see everyday. He looks like he is enjoying himself and loves being in the spotlight. It's always nice to see musicians who have so much passion for what they do. It makes you want to listen to their music even more!

Footage shows incredible musician Mark Goffeney putting on a street performance flaunting his amazing talents. Born without arms in 1969, he began his musical career by learning to play the trombone. His father later gave him his first guitar, and Goffeney developed his own playing technique using his feet. He has become an internationally known artist, and even played a principal role on Fox Television's Emmy-nominated commercial 'Feet', filmed in San Diego, California.

It is very entertaining to watch unique talents like this man has presented to us. It is already hard enough to just hold a guitar, let alone play one with your feet! There is so much appreciation for this man and his awesome talents. Does this inspire you to learn to play a new musical instrument?

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