Dog Coughs Up Missing Wedding Ring 5 Years Later

Reuters Published July 2, 2014 0 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdIt is safe to say that when Lois Matykowski lost her wedding ring six years ago, she was heart broken, to say the least. She turned her entire house upside down, the yard, the car, every nook and cranny in her home, but her diamond wedding band was nowhere to be seen. At the time, Lois and her husband Don had been married for 20 years.

“We had just upgraded the ring, and it wasn’t insured. And it wasn't just the value, but also the emotional ties. How do you replace that?" said the woman. But fate smiled back at her almost 6 years later, when the family dog Tucker, known for his food thefts, regurgitated the gold band after downing a Popsicle.

The 10-year-old Rottweiler mix, a rescue from the Wisconsin Humane Society, stole a Popsicle right from under one of Lois’s granddaughters, stick and all, and smacked his lips victoriously. The family didn’t think much about it, until the dog started panting a while later. Lois offered the pooch some bread smeared with Vaseline to help the stick out, which helped the greedy dog.

But a few days later, Tucker got sick again, “making goofy noises, and was acting like he was going to throw up". They got him out for some fresh air, but the truth came out in daylight, and so did the lost ring. X-rays taken by a vet assured the Matykowskis that he doesn’t hide any more hidden treasures in his belly

Credit to Reuters.