Energetic Goats Love To Jump On Their Horse Friend 'Mr.G'

dsnyderPublished: June 28, 2014Updated: May 29, 20171,767,595 views
Published: June 28, 2014Updated: May 29, 2017

Who knew horses were such excellent babysitters? They are loyal, trustworthy, and judging by the patience of this horse in the video, very calm when they have energetic baby goats on their backs! A group of adorable baby goats decide to test their climbing skills using the back of this patient horse named 'Mr.G'. What a cool name! At first, only one of the goats tries to jump on the horses back. It was a lot more difficult than he thought! He ended up falling a lot more the he expected, it is surprising the horse hasn't walked away yet!

As the goat is climbing on the horse, his other friends notice and one of them wants to try too! It looks like so much fun! Hopefully the horse doesn't mind! As two of the goats are jumping on and off the horse, the horse continues to relax, not budging at all! Maybe he is just tired and decided to give up and let the little goats have their fun, who knows. So funny! It looks like the third goat has no interest to jump on top of the horse, good thing too, three goats on one horse might be too heavy! What an adorable video!

Check out these adorable baby goats spending some quality time with this horse, priceless!

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