Friends help deaf-blind man experience World Cup match

REGIANECHAZAKPublished: June 27, 2014Updated: July 1, 20141,165,332 views
Published: June 27, 2014Updated: July 1, 2014

While thinking of how he could help his friend Carlos, who is deaf and blind, experience the excitement of the World Cup, Brazilian sign language interpreter Helio Fonseca de Araujo came up with this brilliant idea. He rigged up a tabletop model of the field, and recruited his friend Regiane to provide additional assistance for all the complex information which would need to be relayed during a match. Here you can see Carlos watching the opening match of the tournament live. Helio provides sign language interpretation, which Carlos follows by feeling with his own hands (tactile signing), while Regiane provides information regarding fouls, cards, and jersey numbers with social-haptic communication on Carlos's back. Now that's amazing! Credit to Helio Fonseca de Araujo and Regiane Cunha Pereira.

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