Low-Flying Plane Picks Up Flags Off The Ground

FedericoPintoPublished: June 26, 2014Updated: June 27, 2014376,993 views
Published: June 26, 2014Updated: June 27, 2014

The internet is full of crazy stunts. Some of them are more crazier than others, but the most dangerous and insane ones of all always involve planes and other air vehicles. There is just something about a vehicle that moves above the ground that always intrigues and mesmerizes us! Maybe it is the fact that humans cannot fly that makes it all the more interesting. It seems that one crazy aerial stunt was pulled off in this clip that you have to see to believe!

The pilot of this plane pulls off an incredible low-flying plane stunt as he manages to pick up the flags of Argentina and Chile in a very particular way. He flew as close to the ground as possible and picked up the flag with his wing! Talk about insane! The pilot was very brave to even attempt to pull off a stunt like this as there was a very high risk of danger involved in this!

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