Adorable Sea Otters Hold Hands While Napping

Published June 24, 2014 268,094 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThey have been fascinating us forever. They are expert swimmers, they have incredible juggling skills and yes, they hold hands while they nap!

There have been photos of sea otters napping and holding onto each other firmly since forever, and people are swooning over how friggin' cute they look! Oftentimes it is a mom and her pup that hold each other’s hand while they sleep, in order to keep from drifting away from one another.

Why? Because otters do practically everything in the water. They eat and sleep there, so naturally they know every aspect of their habitat. Since water is not as still as earth, it ebbs and flows, carrying everything that is not attached to anything along with it. When two otters keep each other company, they make sure they do not get separated in their sleep, so holding hands is the logical choice!

These two might just be swimming in an artificial pool in the Aquario de Sao Paulo in Brazil, but they still like to be close to each other. How cute is that? At first they are separated, probably finishing their lunch. But when the time comes to take a snooze, they reach out their front paws, grab a firm hold and pull to meet. Visitors are melting as they film them. There is one other lonely otter that is napping in the background, be he won’t go anywhere; he has that log to keep him steady.

Aren’t they just otterly adorable?