Stingray attack on Gold Coast in Australia?

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Published: June 19, 2014

Humankind is so widely spread across the globe, we sometimes forget who was here in the first place. We violate the habitats of other creatures and expect them to sit idle as we scare and torment them. That's what this foolish swimmer off the Gold Coast in Australia did, when he tried to antagonize a stingray in the shallow water.
A marine expert from the Gold Coast has said that the stingray's behaviour is extremely rare and it's most probable that the animal charged towards the man as a sign for him to back off.
“Usually what a ray has is a flight response, because most of whatever is after them is a predator like a large shark so in most cases they want to get away as quickly as possible. It has come at him headfirst, but has not whipped its tail around so he is actually giving the guy the message to back off.”
We urge our viewers to be considerate towards the wildlife, wherever they might encounter them. We all deserve a peaceful and decent life.

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