Kid hits 70-foot backflip basketball shot using his legs

KDPRODUCTIONS7Published: June 18, 2014Updated: June 19, 2014115,328 views
Published: June 18, 2014Updated: June 19, 2014

This might just be the world's greatest basketball trick shot! This kid pulls off one the coolest tricks i've ever seen. As he is jumping on the trampoline, he has a basketball ball between his feet. What he does next with it, is amazing! He pulls off a perfect backflip on a trampoline, and throws the ball backwards from his feet while he is in midair. Its already hard to do a backflip in the first place, let alone get the basketball in the air at the same time.

The hoop he is aiming at is 70 feet away and is a 10 foot long hoop, crazy! This doesn't intimidate him though, he still pulls off the amazing basketball trick shot! The chance of the basketball going into the hoop in nearly impossible! This guy certainly has some talent! It's cool that we are able to see the shot from many different angles. Any different way we are able to look at this shot is pretty incredible. So awesome!

Check out some of these basketballs if you want to try practising some awesome trick shots. Can you imagine pulling off this trick? Wow!

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