Cute Persian Cat Goes Shadow-Hunting

Published June 18, 2014 3,923 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensYour heart will melt completely when you watch this adorable video, there can't be so much tenderness in so few minutes of film. The spongy Persian cat called Atom will be an overload of tenderness for your eyes, he loves to play that he is hunting anything that moves, like shadows and lights, this way he feels an imposing feline and an excellent hunter. His appearance is very beautiful, is a specimen of Persian very well cared for, with beautiful eyes that at times he puts as a lunatic while chasing his imaginary prey Hilarious!

The video begins with Atom sitting tenderly on his owners' bed, where an exhaustive hunt for shadows is about to unfold. Although at first his face is very innocent, behind this feline is an agile hunter of "ghosts" because for the eyes of most there is nothing in that bed but him. He pursues any reflection that his cat eyes barely see. Atom the ghost hunter or just the cat who likes to play alone, he doesn't expect anyone to come near to play, he knows he can have fun this way alone. Although his owners love to play with him because he spends most of his day in bed, Atom is so restless that he doesn't miss a moment to continue playing.

Atom sometimes disappears from the eye of the camera, while he remains hidden hunting the shadows, and then suddenly appears jumping with his back curved like a horseshoe, something that is very funny to us people because it makes cats look caricaturesque when they have that position, which is common in cats when they are exalted or feel threatened. Although we don't see anything that is really threatening Atom, everything is in his mind and at this moment he is in full battle with the Shadow Lord. After a while of chasing shadows, Atom decides to rest, although his hands are empty and he has no prey, he feels like a very brave and intimidating cat. Very funny!

Cats tend to respond instinctively to certain stimuli, even when their eyes are closed. If they are touched or disturbed while they are calm, they can snort, which is quite natural in their species,although they are domesticated, they still have wild instincts. Another habit that characterizes cats is that they have a constant passion to explore and browse everything, this they do not learn from other cats, they just let themselves be guided by their curious instinct. During their excursions and hunting, they develop a common sense to detect dangers lurking in their environment.

With the games the cats also exercise their muscles and practice different ways of falling on their four legs. Another instinct that is manifested in the first months of life of a cat is the behavior of fight, this they learn in the litter, when they fight with their siblings to obtain the best position to breastfeed. For a wild cat, its territory is the place where it can find food. The larger the place, the better chance of survival. This is not relevant for a domestic cat like Atom, which is cared for and fed by its owner, but equally his natural instinct leads him to establish a territory and hunt even if the primary thing is not to get food.