Sasha The Samoyed Enjoys Running With Deer Friend

DonMohrJrPublished: June 18, 2014119,363 views
Published: June 18, 2014

Dogs are adorable, wonderful messes. The Samoyed is one of the oldest dog breed and it looks amazingly cute with his white fluffy coat, almond shaped eyes and outstanding smile. Watch as this charming dog Sasha runs along with her deer friend! It is absolutely fascinating!

The Samoyed’s most remarkable feature is their physical appearance. These dogs are famous for their smile, which is like a trademark grin. They always look so happy and ready to play games with you! They are good companions with kids and with other animals too. They can be destructive if they feel bored of left alone for a long period. You can see by their luxurious coat that they prefer cooler temperatures and on hot summer days they like to stay at home with the air condition on. Samoyed’s attitude toward strangers can be different, from sensitive and polite to barking and jumping around.

The dog in this video is so happy to see his strange looking friend and have fun with him. The owner of the land property and the contented dog said: "One deer keeps coming to our fence to be friends with our dog Sasha, a Samoyed. They meet at the fence and run together along the fence line, back and forth. This has happened many times." It's amazing to see these two animals interacting with one another!

This video of Sasha the Samoyed friendly approach to the deer over the fence, will definitely melt your heart and make your day even better!

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