Mom pulls off the worst prank ever

Published June 17, 2014 5,462 Plays

Rumble / PranksIs there a better way to be welcomed then with a little prank? Nope! This father hasn't had the best day at work and to top it off, his family was plotting a prank against him at home! This wife and son decided they were going to put silly string on him as well as a throwing a water balloon at him. As the mother started to spray the silly string all over him, his reaction was priceless.

At first he didn't budge, he was in shock and was not expecting his family to do this to him. Once it gets right in his face, he quickly turns around and slams on the door. I don't think he is enjoying this prank very much. The prank isn't complete yet, his son has to finish it off with a water balloon. I don't think this was the reaction they were expecting from him. It's a good thing they got it all on video, this is definitely something they are going to want to watch together as a family. Such a hilarious moment!

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