Precious Newborn Bunny Takes A Nap In Owner's Hand

Published June 13, 2014 1 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWith her adorable baby taking a nap in the palm of a hand, Nono looks over her newborn bunny and gives her a cleaning! Now that's a precious moment. Its mommy is Booboo, a pure-bred Holland lop bunny.

The adorable kitten takes a long-desired nap in its owner's palm, and our hearts are literally melting at the sight of it!

This cute little baby bunny was obviously tired from the long journey it took to get in this world, and it can finally take the much deserved nap. Just look at that precious face! It's literally melting with joy as mommy showers it with kisses. We're all hoping it'll have a much better sleep after this nurturing treatment!

The Holland lop rabbits are a very popular breed of bunnies. Second in popularity only to the Netherland Dwarf, which is not a lopped breed, Holland Lops weigh less than 4 pounds and are very perky. They come in many solid and broken varieties and make wonderful pets.

The Holland Lop got its start in the 1950s in the Netherlands. A Dutch breeder by the name of Adriann de Cock wanted to combine the qualities of a French Lop and a Netherlands Dwarf, two very different breeds. The resulting litter was unsuccessful, as their ears were erect and did not have the loping effect. In 1952, de Cock took a doe from the litter bred her with an English Lop buck. After a few hit and misses of breeding from these litters, de Cock successfully bred the Holland Lop with the French Lop’s characteristic floppy ears.

Bunnies are the cutest, don't you think so? especially when kept indoors. Only this way you can really observe them every second of the day and decide on whether you like or dislike their behavior. BApart from nibbling on your shoelaces and the occasional potty mess you need to collect before you step right in it, they are a real treasure to have hopping around in your house. And do not shy away from introducing them to other animals.

Take a look, for example, this next video of a friendship between a bunny and a dog. The Basset Hound Puppy And Bunny Rabbit Are Best Friends! There is nothing better to brighten up your day like an energetic ball of fur, crashing through all of your gloom. Puppies have so much power over our emotions, even the cruelest of men couldn’t stand a chance against their adorableness. Their goofy antics and kind child eyes are what gets to us every single time. They might not look like your usual pet buddies, but it is safe to say that this budding friendship is meant to last. Enjoy their antics as Gatsby the puppy unsuccessfully tries to win their little game of hide-and-seek.

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