This Artist Creates Incredible UV Black Light Body Painting

Published June 12, 2014 235 Plays

Rumble / Creative VisualsBlacklight painting is a relatively modern invention. It is a discovery made by two brothers in the 1930’s. As a result of fall and injury, one of the brothers damaged his optical nerve and was confined in a dark room while the situation improves. The other brother was a chemistry major investigating fluorescent compounds at the University of California. He was looking for naturally fluorescing organic compounds to develop the first black light fluorescent paints. The first experiments were conducted on the visually impaired brother.

With time, black light fluorescent paints have found their application in a wide range of uses: from store displays and movie theaters, airplane markings for night flight, black light posters, money, amusement park dark rides to tickets and party makeup. The common denominator and the method in which this functions is the phosphorous pigment in their chemical compounds. This phosphor absorbs light and continues to glow for a while after the black light has been removed. The black light paint is also mixed with related shades of regular pigments, “brightening” them when viewed in sunlight. The entire impression is psychedelic.

Exactly this psychedelic impression is the reason why blacklight paints are becoming a means of art creation and design. As you can see in the video, they are applied to the human’s body as a canvas in order to accentuate some of its features creating fantastic and out of this world landscapes and effects. But do not let us tell you all about it, watch this video and witness this surreal even spiritual experience.


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