Curious Kitten Meets A Baby Hedgehog

Published June 11, 2014 190 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWhat sort of critter can this be? Is this an animated Brillo pad let on the loose in the garden? When did cactuses become so fast?

No, Marci, that is just Ferike, our backyard hedgehog! Watch as a curious kitty meets a hedgehog for the very first time.

We all know how cute hedgehogs and kittens, and placing them together makes this video heart-throbbingly adorable. Make sure to scroll to the top of the page and watch this adorable meeting for yourself!

Marci, an adorable kitten, meets Ferike, the baby hedgehog, for the first time in the family garden. She doesn't exactly know what to make of the little guy and by the looks of it, Ferike is even less sure! First, Marci is a bit confused and even a tiny bit of cautions, as cats, although extremely curious, always make sure they have the control over their surrounding. She, all brave and curious, sets to investigate the new critter she found in the backyard. She obviously does not feel intimidated by the hedgehog’s quills, perhaps because she doesn't know what purpose they serve. Then, after one semi-clumsy move, Ferike flinches and raises its spikes so that Marci can understand. The power balance changes and Marci becomes a bit more cautions, watching her paws more carefully, and leaves space for Ferike to set on an investigation of its own. But it is all part of the play of a baby hedgehog and a baby kitten. So adorable! The two seem to be on their way to becoming fast friends.

It is amazing how animals of different species can not only co-exist, but become close friends and form bonds that can never be broken.