Josh Diaz Bikes Up San Francisco's Second Steepest Hill With A 38 Percent Gradient

Do you enjoy riding your bike when it's a nice day outside? Riding your bike is a great way to get some exercise and have fun while you're doing it. Watch Josh Diaz, who at the time was a 20-year-old bike messenger in San Francisco, ride his bike straight up the city's second steepest hill (38% gradient). This is crazy, the amount of strength needed to get up this hill is huge. Biking up this steep hill takes practice. As you continue to exercise more and more each day, your muscles will start to build up and get stronger. Eventually you will have enough strength to bike up a steep hill like this one.

Watching this short journey will make you legs burn! Imagine how Josh Diaz is feeling, but he makes it look easy, that is very impressive. There is no way anyone is going to get up this hill if they are peddling slowly. You have to peddle as fast as you can, using as much strength as possible to get across the steep hill. Josh makes the trip up the hill, hooray! We were rooting for him the whole time. He must be very proud of himself, this takes a lot of determination!

Special thanks to 'Rene Franco' for filming.

Have you ever tried to ride your bike up a steep hill? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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