Drunk Squirrel trying to eat nuts

sublimePublished: June 7, 20142,608 views
Published: June 7, 2014

As we were feeding 5 squirrels on the back deck, we noticed that one of them appeared to be drunk. The squirrel was not able to stay up as it tried to eat and eventually just gave up. We ended up seeing the same squirrel multiple times over the next few weeks and it still seemed to be drunk. We realized that the squirrel either had the world's longest hangover, or it had a steady supply of fermented fruit stashed away.

After doing a little research, we found out that sometimes squirrels will eat the excrement of raccoons who had a form of worms, and thereby contract worms themselves. Over the three week period, the squirrel eventually got better, little by little. We are happy to say that it made a full recovery.

P.S. We have since washed our deck :)

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