Breathtaking Time-Lapse Offers Incredible Experience Of Antarctica

Published May 20, 2014 776 Plays

Rumble / Time LapsesYou’ve probably stumbled upon an incredible work of time-lapse where you just couldn’t get the images and the feelings out of your head. Possibly you are fascinated by nature and the slow changes that occur over a period of time. A flower blooming, a sunset or a moonrise. Maybe it was a construction project or a cityscape at night, full of activity and production. We are big fans of time-lapse photography and we love seeing the amazing work that people create from all over the world.

If you can imagine a world where the sun never sets, then this video is especially made for you. The surreal realm you are going to see is shot by a GoPro and it features time-lapse shots on board G Adventures' M/S Expedition during the Antarctic season 2013-2014. Directed and Edited by Expedition Staff Lauren Farmer and Alex Cowan. Music by Greg Thomas and Pete Valeo. Featuring some stunning sights! The ship the expedition was on pushes its way through some of the most brutal conditions on the planet.

Just look at the sun how it moves from high in the sky to very low but it actually never completely disappears. Having daylight 24 hours a day must be an incredibly energizing experience. It gives you strength no matter how run down you may be. When you feel the sun rays touching your skin all day long, everything looks more promising. This time-lapse looks like you can touch the infinity.

When it’s summer, Antarctica - the most southern tip of mother Earth transforms into a land of infinite sun because the sun never leaves the horizon, but it continuously moves in circles. When sunset comes, it is an extraordinary phenomenon - a brilliant orange light lights up the sky, the sun blazing down on the horizon. It looks like the sky is on fire even changing the color of the ocean. On the expense of this beauty, weather conditions can be so brutal with winds howling at 110 km p/h and temperatures plunging to -40C.

Antarctica is home to animals such as emperor penguins and Weddell seals. The whole adventure is beautifully made into timelapse and everything is captured - from blazing sunshine to stormy weather. It’s hard to say what is more mesmerizing. The marine ecosystem is still intact and undamaged by human activities. There is so much wildlife — penguins, seals, whales and seabirds — and amazing fish like toothfish and silverfish, which have antifreeze in their blood as a means to survive the frigid waters. As the frames change we can see the ice getting thicker and thicker and the scenes are changing dramatically in this video.

Time-lapse photography is an art form that allows us to see the world in a different way. Most of us have witnessed a star-filled sky, but the sky in motion is not something that happens fast enough for the naked eye to perceive. To capture the night sky as a single photograph involves taking just one picture, but to capture the night sky in motion will require a series of pictures that, when assembled using software, will turn into a motion video; it’s the digital equivalent of a flip-book.