You’ll Have To Admit That You’ve Done This Before

danewagner Published May 19, 2014 125 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdPeople these days are basically glued to their smartphones 24/7. Yeah, we know, almost everyone is, right? Ignoring people for phones seems like a normal thing to do in the modern world. People have the need to check their phones the moment they buzz. They tend to beat the fear of missing out on something. This 10 second video is enough to show you how the presence of phones makes us anti-social.

Imagine this scene, you and your friends are at a party, laughing and having fun. And then boom! Everyone gets distracted at some point and guess what’s the reason behind it? Cell phone buzz! We’ve all experienced these kind of situations where people interact with their phones more than with other people. And there is actually a term for that, it’s called ‘phubbing’. The act of snubbing someone at a social event by looking at your phone instead of paying attention is called ‘phubbing’.

Many people consider staring at your phone as rude and unacceptable behavior, but some see it as a good way to make new friends online. There are people that might get offended if you ignore them for your phone and others won't mind at all. Everyone has a different perception about it and it’s a normal thing.

In this short video you can see how smart phones are changing society and make people very distant while standing so close to each other. There's a good chance you've been in similar situations before. Some would argue that it only takes a few seconds to describe this new generation! The addiction to smartphones is real whether you believe it or not!

Credit goes to 'Dane Wagner'.

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