Edge of Tomorrow 2014

EpicNetworkPublished: May 16, 20148 views
Published: May 16, 2014

In future an alien invasion of Earth will aim the destruction of the human race. The history of All You Need Is Kill develops right at this moment , where men do their best to resist the attack and prevent its extinction.

The protagonist is one of the most experienced soldiers in this war, as it has long fought in it. The day he dies during combat becomes trapped in a time loop , he will resurrect constant and inevitably , reappearing again and again on the day of his death to fight and die again in the same war .

Each passing day, the soldier dies again . Its objective is increasingly waking become an even more lethal warrior able to stop the alien invasion. After numerous attempts , you will realize that their mission is to prevent the attack, since experience shows that once you alien conquest began the human race has no chance of survival. The protagonist will be changing events within the loop in which is trapped to prevent the extermination of man, the annihilation of our planet and its death. Thus, the soldier will discover the true importance of each act and its consequences, and everything behind it .

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