Two Boxers Adorably Slip 'N Slide On Covered Pool

BrockTheBoxerPublished: May 14, 2014Updated: May 15, 2014236,160 views
Published: May 14, 2014Updated: May 15, 2014

When you think of an animal that just couldn’t care less about your personal space, cats are probably the first that come to mind. They will climb all over you, prick and probe your soft spots like they own you, stick their tails where they shouldn’t be, then bite you and run away.

Everyone deserves a little treat on weekends for surviving through another week. We humans tend to go out on Fridays to wind off and forget our problems at the office. Maybe even a spa or shopping therapy? That would really hit the spot.

For a pup, however, every day could be the weekend for all they know. What does a dog have to do all day long, beside lounge in their favorite chair, chew their favorite toy, sleep and play? If our jobs were like that, we wouldn’t sense the weekend coming either. Unless, that is, we have an owner that is treating us with a little something special every end of the week.

This particular owner has decided to treat their dogs to some slip and slide fun on the covering of their pool. You can not imagine the un until you see what happens n this video.

Brock and Izzy the Boxers have a ton of energy! And what do they do when they want to let it all out? Party on the pool cover! Watch these two slip and slide all over the place, boxer style, of course!

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    • 1 rumble
      BroncoBob · 2 years ago

      That was funny, but what about the sharp claws?

    • 1 rumble
      JoKidd · 1 year ago

      That sure looks like fun!