8 years ago

Street Artist Shapes Delicate Sculptures Out Of Sugar

When you think of blowing candy, the first thing that pops in mind has to be bubble gum, right? Well what if we told you that gum is not the only type of candy you can blow?

A street artist in Xian, China entertains pedestrians by displaying an incredible sugar blowing technique where he blows and stretches warm caramel to create stunning figurines.

An increasingly rare practice, Chinese sugar-blowing resembles glass blowing, with the artist using their mouth to inflate a ball of caramelized sugar, then sculpting and shaping a 3-D figurine out of it. This particular video shows an older gentleman producing a stunningly lifelike dragon figurine in a matter of minutes. It's awesome.

Sugar people, as it is called, is a traditional Chinese form of folk art using hot, liquid sugar to create three-dimensional figures. These fragile, plump figures have a distinct brownish-yellow color, usually with yellow or green pigment added. They are mainly purchased for ornamental purposes and not for consumption, due to sanitary concerns. Popular figures include animals such as dragons, roosters and pigs, and such objects machetes and spears. (Wikipedia)

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