Police Officer Accepts Challenge From Random Pedestrian

Published May 14, 2014 4,522 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdMost people see arm wrestling as a battle of strength, to show off who is the bigger man. In arm wrestling, which has now become a genuinely international sport, the opponents are seated at a table, facing one another. They lock their hands usually the right hands, but there is now also left-handed competition, with their elbows firmly planted on the flat surface, and each attempts to force the others to arm down to the table. We think it’s a sport for feeding the ego!

In today’s competition we have a <a href="https://rumble.com/v3vx1p-after-28-years-police-officer-makes-his-retiring-call-then-his-sons-voice-c.html" target="_blank">police officer</a> and a local pedestrian. How often do you see a police officer do something like this while on the job? He decides to accept a challenge from a pedestrian and takes him on in an arm wrestling match. Who do you think wins? The police officer does, but honestly, he really gave all he got to win this battle! Also, he had a lot of support from his colleagues, one of them was cheering, one of them was filming which was really nice of them. However, our favorite part was when they finish the match they both <a href="https://rumble.com/v3k92r-toddler-makes-passengers-smile-with-adorable-fist-bumps.html" target="_blank">fist bump</a> in a sign of a maybe future friendship.

In charge of maintaining or restoring law and order, the police have a controversial image in various social groups. Police officers, because of their uniform, the nature and the frequency of their interventions are often pictured as bad people. Here is an amazing proof that police officer is good people, with a good attitude and strong arms!