Highway Footage Shows Unexplained Car Disappearance

AudioColorWorld Published May 8, 2014 177 Plays

Rumble / Weird MysteriesA CCTV highway camera captures a bizarre moment featuring a speeding car disappearing without a trace. This is the last thing you would expect to see on a video recording of a highway. The way the vehicle disappeared is quite odd, and it looks like it has been zapped away. This reminds us of an alien invasion where the alien spaceship attacks people from down below. This is probably not the case in this situation! Most of us aren't experts, but it's pretty safe to say that some editing was involved in this clip.

Even if editing was done, this is still very impressive. It is always surprising to see the car vanish. Imagine if this did occur and there was no editing, the vehicles around the vehicle that disappeared would be in complete shock, and it might even have caused an accident. Police would be visiting the scene if this occurred. Either way, this is an exciting video to watch.

Have you ever seen something disappear in front of your eyes? Have your eyes played tricks on you before? Let us know in the comment section down below! Check out this video of the car disappearing in the middle of the highway!

Since the dawn of time man has looked up at the stars and wondered if there was anyone out there. But have you ever asked yourself, what if extraterrestrials have already been here? What if they have guided and shaped past civilizations and what if they fathered humankind itself?

Do you think this an alien invasion? Did the aliens or this abduct this car is a fantastic art of work of photoshop? There are a lot of accounts of strange beings and mysterious flying craft; it’s hard to deny the possibility. What do you think?

There has been much evidence that aliens have visited us and they are still checking on the human civilization trying to make contact, and maybe this car abductions is one of the attempts.

Here is another proof of aliens when unidentified flying object and alien were captured on camera, and it is all the proof we need to know that they are real!

Check out this haunting footage of a UFO in the night sky of Airasca, Italy. Just wait until the end! Shocking! Do you believe in other life out there besides us? We would love to hear your opinion down in the comments section below!


  • tadchem371, 2 years ago

    It didn't LOOK like a Delorean...

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  • hootbah, 2 years ago

    Why say "speeding car" when it was same as others?

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  • delrey, 1 year ago


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  • cback1959, 1 year ago

    When I was a child I had a wristwatch fall behind a radiator but when I reached to get it the watch was gone. Even my father looked and tried but nothing. That was that. Sometimes I can hear a ticking sound in my left ear where I held the watch up to hear.

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    • Mamacita, 1 year ago

      Well that was completely off of subject, but cool and creepy as hell. Do you still hear it?

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