Timid Lesser Mouse-Deer Caught On Camera Drinking From Waterhole

rumblestaffPublished: May 6, 201470,209 views
Published: May 6, 2014

An incredibly precious moment featuring a lesser mouse-deer and a grey-bellied squirrel hanging out at waterhole. The lesser mouse-deer, also known as the Kanchil, is the smallest known hoofed mammal, and it is a real honor spotting one in the wild since they are very timid and lead secluded lives.

Footage shows the adorable moment when a shy lesser mouse-deer is caught on camera while drinking from a waterhole in the forest. This is the rare moment when a talented photographer tries to stand still and don’t make any noise in order to capture this timid animal on film.

The lesser mouse-deer is a species of even-toed ungulate is found widely across Southeast Asia. It is the smallest known hoofed mammal with its mature size being as little as 18 inches and 4.4 lb. It is threatened by predation by feral dogs. It’s species name means both mouse-deer and 'clever person'.

At first glance, these animals look like a weird mash-up of a deer, a mouse, and a pig. Of course, due to their small size, they are preyed upon by many different animals. Lacking antlers or horns for protection, the tiny animals are forced to lead secluded lives. Some species are nocturnal and very rarely seen. Apparently, they are very shy and often graze alone, only coming together to mate. They communicate with a series of smells and noises, but their timid behavior makes it difficult for photographers to capture them.

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